Romantic places in Rome

31.07.2015 Rome 72 Comments

Everybody knows that Italy is one of, if not the, most beautiful and romantic , countries in the world and of course Rome is full of gorgeous romantic places to visit with your loved ones. And since I live in Rome and it keeps amazing me with it’s beauty and it’s romantic atmosphere I decided that it would be a good idea to make a post about it’s best romantic places to my liking. So here is the list of some beautiful romantic places that I love. It is my personal list, some places are central, others are off the main touristy routes, because I like quiet not over crowded places where you can relax and have a good time with your partner. I hope you’ll like it.


1.   Rooftop terraces

First of all of course the fantastic roman rooftop restaurants with their stunning views and amazingly good food and wine. They’re not cheap but it’s worth every euro you spend! Only here you can get the best views, relaxing atmosphere and good italian food all in one. What can be more romantic?

Aroma restaurantromantic-places-in-rome_01La Pergolaromantic-places-in-rome_06


Il Palazzetto romantic-places-in-rome_10

Hassler romantic-places-in-rome


  1. Gianicolo

It is one of my favourite places in Rome, the absolutely staggering panorama overlooking the city makes me stay there for hours and just gaze at Rome’s rooftops, it’s main attractions and the hills surrounding it. In the evening you can see how the lights of the roman castles situated on these hills glitter beautifully. On the other side of the square there’s another amazing view – St Peters so you can enjoy both!



  1. Old medieval streets in the centre and Trastevere

I absolutely love the narrow old streets and alleys of Rome. In such a huge and crowded city even in it’s center there are a lot of these quiet medieval streets and corners with beautiful fountains, old houses with huge wooden doors, small cozy trattorias that smell absolute joy to me, italian style laundry and stray cats.

romantic-places-in-rome_15 romantic-places-in-romeromantic-places-in-rome_09


  1. Villa Pamphili

Another place that I love is one of the gigantic roman parks – Villa Doria Pamphili. I like it more than other roman parks because it’s not far away from the center, it’s enormous and absolutely not touristy and overcrowded like Villa Borghese for example, it is very quiet, clean and cozy, there’s a lake with turtles, birds, fountains, an old palazzo of the Pamphili family, and there are some amazing views over Rome. You can bring some wine, cheese, prosciutto and bread and have an amazing picnic here or go to a cafe that’s called Vivi Bistrot and plop into the huge pillows they provide and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

romantic-places-in-rome_03 romantic-places-in-rome_16romantic-places-in-rome_02


5.   Giardino degli aranci

And the last one – Giardino degli aranci (the garden of oranges) and “il buco della serratura” (the keyhole). Have you ever been to an orange garden in the center of a big city full of fruits hanging on the branches and lying on the ground and giving out a strong citrus scent? If not then it’s your chance, don’t miss this iconic roman spot. A beautiful old church, and another fantastic view of St. Peter’s are the addition to the garden. And if you go farther up the road you’ll find the famous keyhole, a keyhole in the door of the Priory of Malta through which you can see St. Peter’s in an unconventional setting. A trully unique experience.romantic-places-in-rome_05romantic-places-in-rome_07



That’s my top 5 romantic places in Rome, of course there are a lot more, but it’s just my personal preference. If you have your own favourite special places in Rome let me know in the comments.